Street style in the heart of Kyiv streets: how to cause fear or disdain of tens of thousands of people together?

Tight-assed gatekeeper, tired cab- driver, unemployed man wearing a cap, aggressive fatso, gop-stop style youngster - we know all these people. They walk the streets near us and take the subway; they are our neighbors, classmates or parents of classmates. We have learned to scan their nature, we know what expect from them and we are able to ignore the attacks on their inner space. It seems that they are just "there" and nowhere else. It seems that this "never-dying specie”.

But what is so special and unique about these people? Why is it so easy to identify “Our kind of person” in any nook of the world? Why do we still live among people who believe their hang-ups are placed above our freedom? We decided to grasp the depth of the problem through taking the hit.


During the preparation for the experiment, I seriously wondered whether my idea is a certain stereotype, and I’m actually the main representative of the “most stereotyped people,” even if they are not exist? I fought in two entities: Solomia, who takes something with a pinch of salt and Solomia, who has the rule of thumb experience.


Meanwhile there is a din of the dialogue in my head, which comes from a public transport

– Why do you push?

–  Oh, who do you root to the ground? Move faster!

– I’m waiting when people light down from the bus. I also advise you to learn how to wait and be thoughtful of others.

If only this was not clear, but such a scene sees anyone who’s ever used public transport. Moreover, such a conversation can pick up to a thousand and one situations that occur around us every day.


People, for whom this experiment is dedicated , were classified to character types by sociologist, Eugenia  Yerdakova. It’s not real people, but a collective image. A set of stereotypes, with a help of which, we build in our mind a complex image by some external characteristics. The stereotype is a persistent representation of individuals that are not based on the personal, but on the generalized experience of other members of society. They simplify the perception of the world around for the average community member: if you recognize the stereotype, then why go into details?


You can combat this phenomenon, but it has not much sense, but it is worth to understand why a significant part of Ukrainians suddenly decided that everyone can be either ugly dressed up or not at all.

That day, when we went out to hunt for the astonishment from passers, fulfilled all expectations. Everything happened according to our plan: furtive glances, cries, discussions. And it was even too obvious and boring. So boring. We have already passed it hundred times. With that state of mind I finished shooting and sat down to write.


The conclusion might sound as “the character type is a character type”, a leopard can’t change his spots. Let them suffer in their own frameworks, and we are just cool and young. We want to Europe and we will come here without your, bye-bye.

And it would be so swimmingly, but there is one slight problem.


Among the most active “fans” of my look was a woman of “aggressive fatso” character type, who jumped up from her workplace in the middle of the market and started to shout loudly. I had a thought that it could be a good photo if we came closer and asked her something about goods. It seemed that she would not capitulate and screech even louder. But she was frightened. It was very childish, naive and slightly ridiculous. Then was a bland dialogue, in which she tried to sell IPhone recharger, about which I previously asked. Of course, she did not sell anything, but how eloquent was her look. I’m still looking into it, but now with understanding.


Because everyone has a set of ideas, myths, rules and desires. And those, who consider himself/herself as a free person, also have them. Especially if someone classifies other people with “character types”. And she saw with her eyes that just live from day to day, just make money, just want peace. They do not want to see any way of expression, because it has no relation to the same ” from day to day” because it sabotages security (call to memory that at the time of her youth attracting attention equals to war with the party, which no one wins alone) and the comfort of their routine (if they are surrounded by someone who “fight with the party”, they become the audience, and, hence participants). This destroys the global aim. And all these looks, cries and discussions are the way to protest against the destruction of their own world.


And perhaps we will never forgive them because they push us by all possible means fighting for the right to be free. But we have to give them a chance to be the one that want to be as we give it to ourselves.

photo – Sophia Voznyak

make-up – Ira Kolo


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